11.10.2010 Talk by Sam Gould from the artist collective Red76

April 25, 2010 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Flatlands: Non-Hierarchical Space and its Uses

What do backwoods anarcho colonies from the Pacific Northwest coast of
America, Vietnam era protests, ice cream trucks, and half-assed
photocopy shops have in common? They can all function as highly
effective, lively, and most importantly non-hierarchical frameworks
for educational space. Utilizing over 130 years of American weirdo
history, Flatlands: Non-Hierarchical Space and its Uses looks into the
possibility of pre-existing space as a mask for education of a
socio-political nature. By focusing on the actions of initiatives such
as Home, Washington, Vietnam Day, What the Heck Fest, the Center for
Tactical Magic’s Tactical Ice Cream Unit, as well as various projects
by the arts collaborative Red76, Flatlands diagrams how the
appropriation of familiar day-to-day models, slightly modified, can be
used to create vibrant zones for learning and sociopolitical


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